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I Knitter’s Jig is based in the Midlands and its usual line up is between 3 and 4 musicians (with caller) depending on the type of event and budget.  All band members are fine musicians with many years experience of playing for both concerts and dances. The core line up includes Alice on fiddle, Dale on accordion and Glen on double bass and bodhran with one of the musicians (usually Alice or Glen) doubling as caller. This line up can be complimented by adding additional musicians (Steve on keyboard and/or Olive on fiddle).

I Alice is the band leader and has been playing in English country dance bands since she was 13.  She is an exceptionally fine fiddle player and accomplished caller. She also has a good turn of speed for lively Scottish and Irish jigs and reels and will usually play a selection at each event.


I Dale is a highly accomplished musician and has been playing accordion for over 12 years and guitar since he was 10.   He has performed in many bands including Cernewoda, We Can Be Astronauts and Malarkey Ceilidh Band.  He is the youngest member of the band and has been performing with us for over 10 years.


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Alice                     Dale               Glen

I Glen is the final core member of the band. He plays double bass, guitar and bodhran (not all at the same time) - and will be the caller at many of the dances. With hundreds of successful ceilidhs under his belt, Glen will keep you both entertained and on your toes.  Look forward to a great party with lots of fun and enjoyment.

I Steve is a highly talented musician and has been playing piano and keyboard for over 20 years.  He joins us whenever he is available.                            

I Olive plays fiddle and produces fine harmonies and counter melodies perfectly complimenting Alice and Dale's melodies.  She regularly plays in other bands but we are always pleased when she is able to join us at gigs and add that little bit of sparkle to the sound.


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